Free Training Program For Hikers

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No Gym Training Program

We are giving away a valuable 12 week training program to help prepare you for your next adventure! Best of all, it doesn’t require any gym equipment!

What you’ll get:

  • Video links for all of the exercises
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced workout options
  • Trail friendly stretches and recovery ideas
  • Exercises to target commonly injured areas for hikers
  • No gym needed
  • Much more!

Just drop us an email at for your copy today!

This program is great for those who live in flat geographical areas, people who don’t have access to a gym, or just want a program to guide training for an upcoming hike.

You’ll improve your overall fitness level which will reduce the risk of injuries while hiking! Injuries are the number one reason that hikers leave the trail each year so stack the odds in your favor!

Why is this FREE?

Honestly, I don’t think anyone plans to end their hike due to an injury. I think it is terrible that it happens as often as it does and I simply want to help hikers succeed. There are no strings attached to this training program. Use it and go explore!


Upcoming Release!

Be sure to subscribe and follow us for updates on our more comprehensive “FIT FOR ADVENTURE” training program arriving fall/winter 2019. This future program will offer:

  • Customizable 16 week ONLINE training plan
  • Mileage & elevation plan for each month of training to build endurance
  • Improved program adherence over traditional training plans
  • Strength exercises to target areas hikers need most
  • Cardio workouts
  • Endurance workouts
  • Recovery exercises and stretches
  • Weekly check in with Lee
  • Email support
  • Bonus training materials
  • And much more!

Take your training to the next level and train with Trailside Fitness online!


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