Online Personal Training

Coming October 2019!

Grab a sneak peak here:

This program will prepare you for hundreds of miles of hiking! Included with this program are lots of extras and benefits:

  • Custom programming to work around injuries past and present
  • Exercise modifications to meet tolerance movements
  • Modifications to meet any level of fitness
  • Four Phone/Skype check-ins during program
  • Email support
  • 16 weeks of programming with recovery weeks and ancillary exercises to support hiker needs
  • Compliance check-ins to keep you on track with the training
  • Improved mental and physical confidence
  • Reduced negative self talk from being out of shape
  • Reduced risk of common injuries*
  • Plus other bonus items!

Training is one of the most valuable and actionable areas that can make a direct impact on your hike enjoyment! If you are planning a section or thru hike and would like a program to help prepare you, this is it!

Email with any questions!

*Injuries can and do happen regardless of preparation. Training improves your body’s overall ability to manage physical stress. That is what reduces the risk of overuse injuries.