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Grab your FREE copy here: Self Care Guide For Hikers

Knowledge is power

Preparing for my Pacific Crest Trail Hike in 2018, I knew the importance of training and self care but I didn’t know how impactful they would end up being. My wife, Sarah, and I were not immune to aches and pains. Sarah managed a cranky tendon on her lower leg for many miles as we walked toward Canada. Nightly, she would massage and stretch and eventually her pains subsided, never to return.

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I found myself with a tight and fiery right calf for a couple of weeks. It came on suddenly and lingered, instilling fear in me daily that it may end my (our) hike. I kept up with the deep calf massage (pg 20) daily. Carefully pressing my left shin into my right calf working out the knots I found. Over time, the knots were fewer and the discomfort disappeared and never came back.

What is your self care plan?

If left unchecked, those aches and pains may have lead to bigger problems. Problems that forced us to take more drastic measures and jeopardize our dream hike years in the making. Aches and pains come and go during a hike and knowing how to manage them is key.

Knowledge is power and I value actionable information.

That brings us to this guide. I teach you simple and trail friendly ways to manage common aches and pains while hiking. You’ll use what’s handy: a trekking pole, cork ball, river rock, stick, or water bottle. I hope this guide keeps you exploring and finding adventure!

Grab your FREE copy here: Self Care Guide For Hikers



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