Meet Lee Welton:
just an average hiker like you.

My name is Lee, and the first thing you should know about me is that I am just an average hiker like you. I’m not the fastest hiker out there. I’m no expert in ultralight hiking and I’m not an expert in all of the gear that’s out there. I’m just a guy who loves his time in nature. However, I do consider myself an expert in…

Helping prepare and educate long-distance hikers to their hike.

Shin Pain

Ankle Pain

Knee Pain

I tried the usual
methods to relieve
hiking pain.

Like you, I have had all sorts of aches and pains come up while hiking and backpacking. For me, a tight right calf, achy knees and painful knots in my shoulders. Before I knew how to better care for myself, I would crash into camp a wreck and sore all over.

I tried the usual ibuprofen and soaking my sore body in whatever cool stream or lake was handy. While these things helped, they weren’t the best answer…

An average hiker with a real fear.

My biggest fear about the Pacific Crest Trail was not being able to complete the hike due to injury. In my research for hiking the PCT, I learned that injuries are the #1 reason that hikers don’t finish each year. Injury was the biggest unknown for me going into the hike and honestly, it frightened me.


The clock starts ticking down .

Once the stressful PCT permit process was complete and our permit was granted, things got very real. The clock starts ticking down and it’s not going to stop until that start day arrives.

I scrimped and saved to pay off any loans before my PCT hike in 2018. Any extra income was stashed for hiking expenses and covering the mortgage while I hiked. I physically trained. I did gear research, menu planning, set up my resupply boxes and other pre-hike planning.

The worst part was, all of this effort could go out the window in the first few hundred miles. It happens every year to hopeful, average hikers JUST like you and me.
And like most hikers, I had only one opportunity to do this bucket list adventure.

As someone who works in physical therapy and as a personal trainer, I knew proper training and self-care would help reduce injury risk. With the training done before the hike, self-care would need to be a priority if I wanted to see Canada 2650 miles north of the Mexico border.

So that’s what I did…

I made self care a daily priority. Any ache and pain were addressed right there on the trail using whatever I had handy. A shoe, lacrosse ball, trekking pole, stones, small rocks, tree roots, my hands. These items all became creative instruments to massage away aches and pains.

My education and career taught me right where to target the massage techniques. I also knew from my career how to properly stretch tight and stiff muscles. Once again, that same knowledge came in handy to strengthen the areas most prone to injury.

That’s what I’m passing on to you.

Standing at the start of your bucket list hike is a very exciting and uncertain moment. There are so many emotions swirling and so much unknown adventure ahead. You’d swear the butterflies in your stomach have been taking caffeine pills. You will never forget this moment. I know I won’t.


Calm yourself
with confidence.

Leave for your hike empowered and confident that you can manage common aches and pains. Know that when you take your first steps on the trail, you have done everything possible for your success. You have prepared your bank account, your body, and your mind for the adventure ahead.

This self-care program will give you the confidence to tackle common aches and pains from your feet to your head.

This program includes An 80 Page How To Guide listed below;

An 80 Page How To Guide


Includes over 80 pages of descriptions and images for all the techniques.

10 Dynamic How To Videos:

  1. Welcome and Program LayoutFoot
  2. Technique Guide
  3. Foot Module
  4. Calf Module
  5. Lower Leg Module
  6. Quad & Hamstring Module
  7. Hip & IT Band Module
  8. Low Back Module
  9. Middle Back Module
  10. Shoulder & Neck Module

Over 2 hours of video instruction broken down by body part. Most videos are between 12-16 minutes and cover anatomy, techniques, stretches, and exercises.

8 Separate Modules For Each Region:

  1. Foot
  2. Calf
  3. Lower Leg
  4. Quads & Hamstrings
  5. Hip & IT Band
  6. Low Back
  7. Mid-Back
  8. Shoulders and Neck

Step By Step How To Images


Each Module Covers:

  • Where to massage for the most benefit
  • Creative ways to use what’s handy (no extra pack weight!)
  • Multiple easy and trail-friendly massage techniques
  • How to stretch those stiff muscles
  • Specific exercises for strength (best before you go!)

Includes 4 Bonus Modules:

  • Sleep: This is when your body recovers from the day of hiking. Learn my top tips to maximize your sleep while backpacking in this module.
  • Pain: If there is one module that is the most impactful to the outcome of your hike, it’s this one. Packed full of things I wished I’d known before my hike, this module could be the difference maker for you!
  • Nutrition:  Just the details you need to make the most of your town stops and resupply runs. I give you my top tips for packing in nutrients with this short module!
  • Self-Care Accessories:  Ever wonder about things like toe spreaders, compression socks, electrolyte tablets, leukotape? I cover all of that for you in this module!
Most hikers start out doing too many miles too soon and injury creeps in. This guide helps you plan your training hikes with mileage and elevation targets. Also, this guide includes suggested mileages for the first month on the trail to help your body adapt to the daily demands of hiking. Think of this as one more weapon against common overuse injuries. Use this guide to help you prepare and start safely.

In addition, you’ll also receive discount codes for my favorite vendors like Rawlogy and Backcountry Foodie! There’s even a discount code for online training with me! These are great small businesses that want you to succeed in your adventures as much as I do!

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