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Who Is Trailside Fitness?

Lee Welton

My name is Lee Welton and Trailside Fitness is my passion. I am a personal trainer and love to help my clients before, during, and after their hiking adventures. Guiding people into their personal fitness goals is what I do. I believe I can help you achieve your personal adventures with more energy while avoiding injuries.


Lee & Sarah on The Pacific Crest Trail

My Pacific Crest Trail Trek Prep

Starting Your Hike Prepared

In preparation for the Pacific Crest Trail, my wife Sarah and I methodically looked at each area of our gear to see where the weight could be stripped down. With a keen eye towards saving weight and maintaining overall comfort we left no stone unturned.

In the same way we prepared our physical bodies and mental fitness. The last thing you want is a journey stopping injury miles away from the nearest cell tower or medical assistance.

Enjoy Injury Free Hiking

Invest Prep Time With Me

Injuries are the number one reason hikers abandon their hikes each year. Invest a little time with me before your hiking adventures and enjoy more energy and less recovery time from injury pain.

Learn all about how Sarah and I hiked 2600 miles injury free at

In an interview for REI I discuss eating right on the trial as part of preparing for a successful hike. Avoiding low-quality foods can keep you refueled and help you avoid post-trail depression.


Be Prepared And Charge Forward

How Can I help You Reduce The Risk Of Common Hiking Injuries?

Injuries are extremely common in long distance hiking and one of the biggest reasons hikers abandon their dream trip. I help you build strength and endurance to avoid injuries and enjoy your hikes instead of just surviving them.


I can help you reduce the risk of common injuries and finish your hikes strong through my personal online training! I know I can help you just like many others.

Here is what Wyatt had to say:

“Awesome personal trainer with unique knowledge of injuries and endurance hiking!  He is a licensed physical therapy assistant which gives him knowledge on injuries and how to progress. Very personal and individualized programs.”



Avoid Inclimate Weather And Commute Time

I have created an online fitness training program that you can apply by making some easy adjustments in your weekly schedule. Meeting with me online on a regular basis has never been easier.

Because can do your training conveniently online there is no excuses in obtaining your fitness goals! No travel time and no bad whether days. Your next hike could be the best ever!

Also, if you are in the Seattle area and would like to meet up for a consultation, please reach out!

Start Fitness Training Online

My personalized online fitness plan will both train and encourage you to be at your best physical and mental state to accomplish your hiking and adventure goals.

The only obstacle is a decision to go for it! 


Fitness Training And Education

Now offering online personal training!

You can reach me with any injury issues, past or present that you feel will impact your hike. Training questions are also welcome – I am happy to help!