Training & Injury Prevention For Hikers

Helping Hikers Reduce Injuries Through Fitness Training and Education

Start To Finish On The Pacific Crest Trail, 2018

Let us show you how to prepare for your adventure! Training, recovery, and wellness designed for hikers.

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Injuries are extremely common in long distance hiking and one of the biggest reasons hikers leave the trail?

Reduce the risk of common injuries through training and finish your hike strong!

Let Trailside Fitness guide you as you embark on this transformational journey and thrive on your hike!

Two Happy Hikers In Italy’s Dolomites, 2016

We have hiked the PCT and have seen first hand how quickly injuries end hikes!

Start your hike fit and skip the negative self talk about being out of shape. Being fit will help you enjoy your hike more and decrease your chance of common overuse injuries like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and stress fractures!

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