Sore Feet From Hiking?

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Sore Feet From Hiking?

Do you get sore feet from hiking? Learn to combat sore feet and lower legs with these tips and techniques!

This is the first article I have wrote for Backpacker Magazine, and I chose this topic for a specific reason. In it, I cover three regions where hikers often find themselves sore, stiff, and sometimes injured after early-season adventures. The article linked will outline several on trail techniques you can use to tackle aches and pains that arise with ease. Here, I’ll talk briefly about why these areas are so important to manage on a hike.

I also wrote about this topic for Backpacker Magazine. You can read that article here.

Sore Feet, Calves, And Shins Won’t Stand A Chance!

Hiking trails aren’t often known for being flat; they are often angled or filled with rocks or roots. This can lead to lots of motion for your feet beyond normal activity. With varied terrain, your feet can get stiff, sore, or achy, making every step uncomfortable. Aside from upgrading your footwear, the rub, twist, and stretch are some of my favorite ways to instantly help my feet feel better. I also like this recovery routine during┬árest stops for a more complete option.

sore feet, hikingTight calves can lead to many different aches and pains, so having a quick way to find relief is key. I’ll walk you through a simple trekking pole massage that can do wonders if tightness creeps in. Tight calves can also lead to knee pain and have been associated with plantar fasciitis.

The shin muscle, or tibialis anterior, also gets a healthy workout during hiking. For every step you take, the shin muscle has two jobs. First, it lifts the foot upward to avoid tripping as you swing your leg forward. Second, it controls the foot down once the heel touches the ground. When first stepping out on the trails after a long winter, this muscle can quickly become overworked, leading to an injury.

Shin splints are the main injury concern for the shin muscle. Let me show you a trekking pole massage and stretch to help keep this key muscle happy.

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