A Note To Aspiring Long Distance Hikers

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A note to aspiring long distance hikers:

I’m here as a guide to help you be successful in your thru-hike. I have thru hiked the PCT injury free* in 2018, and I work as a Personal Trainer and Physical Therapist Assistant for a living. I actually care about you finishing your hike and I hope that aspiring thru-hikers can experience just how impactful a long distance hike can be.

I offer you my skill with strength and conditioning, injury prevention, and rehab to help you reach your goal of knocking out one whopper of a hike. I will also offer a growth mindset to you; come with an open mind about training, rehab and injury prevention and we will get along great. If you are stuck in a “training is pointless” fixed mindset, I still like you and we can still be friends. However, you probably won’t make my Christmas card list. Regardless, I’ll still help you if you reach out, no judgements.

I’ve been accused of being tough on hikers who disagree with me. Truthfully, I’m just passionate about this topic. Tell me when being strong and fit in life was ever a negative asset and I’ll happily listen. Especially when it comes to hiking the distance of the United States from border to border.

I am on your side, I want you to finish, and most importantly, I want you to have sound, objective advice from someone who actually works in the health/fitness and rehab world. I am not some guy who has never hiked, never trained and thinks you should just chance it. I have over 20 years of hiking experience, I have stood on the summit of Mount Rainier, The Grand Teton and several other Teton peaks, plus I’ve hiked the Pacific Crest Trail.

I care so much about your success, I started this company and website! How’s that for proof?! Stack the deck in your favor, be prepared and kick ass on the trial when you arrive.

Happy Trails,

Lee “Flick” Welton, PCT ’18                                                                                                    Physical Therapist Assistant, Certified Personal Trainer, CrossFit Level 1, MWod  Movement and Mobility Specialist

*I did have foot numbness in my right foot due to limited footwear choices, (I’m NOT an Altra fanboy) but no pains during my hike. I resolved the issue on the trail with Vasque shoes that offered more support and a Vibram sole.
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