How To Train For A Thru Hike

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How To Train For A Thru Hike

Are you wondering how to train for a thru hike? I recently did an podcast with Rowan, the owner of Summit Strength. Rowan is a skilled personal trainer himself and helps hikers around the globe prepare for mountain tops, grand adventures and thru hikes. I was really excited to join Rowan to discuss how to train for a thru hike.

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Both Rowan and I are extremely passionate about training for hikers and helping as many succeed as possible. We also know that hike training programs you can find online are wholly inadequate. These programs are often filled with exercises that aren’t going to benefit a thru hiker, like burpees or bicep curls.

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Train the right way

Summit Strength and Trailside Fitness both offer custom designed programs for each hiker we train. Knowing your hiking goals, injury history, age, experience with exercise & hiking, and loads of other information is key for crafting a program. Not every hiker is the same and generic programs can’t account for the variables listed above.

Have a listen as we discuss these details and cover:

  • The 3 big priorities every hiker should consider when preparing for a thru-hike
  • An iron-clad argument why thru-hikers should not just ‘get fit on the trail’
  • What the ‘perfect’ training week would look like for a thru-hiker
  • Some easy to do ideas on how to prepare for elevation (when you don’t have any hills or mountains to train on)
  • A few simple ways to ‘sneak’ some extra training into your week (when you are incredibly short for time)
  • Should thru-hikers try to continue their training while on the trail?
  • Some areas of mental preparation an aspiring thru-hiker should seriously consider (which can make or break your hike after weeks on the trail)

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