Boost Hiking Speed And Endurance!

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Boost Hiking Speed And Endurance With Fartlek Intervals!

Do you want to boost your hiking speed and improve your endurance? Using Fartlek intervals is an easy and very effective way to do so. Fartelk means “speed play” in Swedish, and it’s a really simple interval method to add to any training hike. Intervals are a great way to boost endurance and conditioning, improve your speed for climbing hills, and fight off boredom. Let’s jump in!

What is a Fartlek Interval?

It’s so simple you might not think it will work. There’s little “structure” for these intervals, and that’s what makes it so easy and appealing. You increase your speed and output for a short distance and then slow down to recover your heart rate. Once you’ve recovered, you’ll repeat. Here’s the beauty of Fartlek intervals: it’s for an undetermined distance.

Using Fartlek Intervals To Boost Hiking Speed

I pick a tree, rock, plant, or feature to which I want to increase my pace. It may be 50 feet away or 500 feet away. The steepness of the trail will usually play a factor. With my target set, I increase my intensity and speed until I reach it. Once there, I slow down and let my heart rate recover, and my muscles recoup from the effort. After I feel recovered I pick my next target and go again.

These intervals can be done uphill, on flat ground, but I’d suggest avoiding them on downhills. It’s such a versatile technique that it’s worth considering for your hiking routine.

Implementing these simple intervals is a breeze! Intervals will also significantly enhance your speed and endurance and mentally engage you during your hike. By incorporating these intervals, you start to challenge your body and expose it to faster speeds for a short distance. Over time, this boosts your ability to handle faster speeds for longer periods.

Give these a try on your next outing or walk in your neighborhood. Happy Trails! 


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