Online personal training for hikers!

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My long awaited online personal training program is now ready! I’ve been working for the last year to finalize the training program and all of the extras that come with it.

It think this will really elevate your hike training and preparation!

Introducing Fit For Adventure, an online personal training solution to help you prepare for your dream hike.

This training has “everything included” to help you complete your bucket list adventure!

No matter what your age.

No matter your previous experience.

Regardless of injuries past or present.

This program can be adjusted to fit YOUR individual needs and help you prepare physically and mentally before your start date.

You’ve secured a permit and your start day is circled on the calendar. Things just got real! Now what? As the days fly by leading up to your hike, what you do now will directly impact your experience.

You can’t cram in training a couple of weeks before you head out to the trail. Thankfully, there is a solution at hand.

Instead of just winging a training program or following a generic training program, you’ll know exactly what to do to physically prepare for your hike. This program is made for those heading out for a long distance hike. Week long trips, section hikes, or a thru hike, this program has you covered!

Injuries plague hikers but you can reduce your risk through smart training prior to your start day. This is the best way to decrease the physical impacts of hiking that can lead to common overuse injuries.

Eliminate doubt about your physical ability and drop the negative self talk about “being out of shape” that plagues so many hikers.



“Awesome personal trainer with unique knowledge of injuries and endurance hiking! He is a licensed physical therapy assistant which gives him knowledge on injuries and how to progress. Very personal and individualized programs.-Wyatt

“Lee is personable, it’s professional and I was not the least bit surprised to see results because the theory was sound and the practicality was grounded on the understanding of this knowledge base.” – Joshua

“I would recommend Lee to anyone who would like to get in better shape, talk about nutrition, and all things leading to a better life through exercise.” – John

“If you are looking for someone who is genuinely interested in your fitness without the macho bull, I highly recommend him.” -Chris

“Lee is also very knowledgeable and patient in answering questions and is also very flexible when we have to change our schedule or cancel our workouts. I highly recommend Lee as a personal trainer!” – Kalpana

“Lee also shows a thorough understanding of human anatomy and function and applies it effortlessly to the routines he proposes. I’m already spreading the word about him with my friends before he gets too much in demand!” – Fabian

“Lee is my personal trainer and I highly recommend him to anyone who would like a program tailored specifically for them. Lee has the knowledge and spirit to support his clients as they work toward their own personal goals. I feel very fortunate to have found him.” – Catherine

“Lee developed a bespoke training program with me which was significantly different from what I had done in the past. The results were impressive and I completed Mount Olympus with a great deal of energy and confidence. If you need to train for a specific goal, Lee is the one to help you out.” – Ian

My goal for you

You’ve saved your money, researched your gear, and stressed out about getting a permit before even setting foot on your hike. What lies ahead as you begin your hike is a huge question mark with tons of adventure to be had.

I’ve been there and I know exactly how that feels. And honestly, it can be very intimidating.

Invest in your most important piece of gear, YOU. I’ll guide you through a training program that will prepare you physically and reduce your risk of injuries. Eliminate the negative self talk about not training before hand.

Drop the narrative that you’re not fit enough to complete your hike. Start and finish your hike in great shape and know that you have done everything possible to reduce your risk of injuries!

If you’ve taken the time to read this far, you have a couple of choices:

  • You can continue to believe that you don’t need to train for a hike and roll the dice on your dream adventure.
  • You can tell yourself that you’ll be fine but will you regret not spending time training if you find yourself injured and ending your hike early?
  • Or you can take action – follow a custom program crafted just for long distance hikers, transform your dream hike into reality, start your hike in great shape, and have an adventure that you will never forget.
Please know that injuries can and do happen regardless of preparation. Training improves your body’s overall ability to manage physical stress. That is what reduces the risk of overuse injuries.
Hiking has an inherent risk factor and no single program or amount of preparation can guarantee an injury free experience.

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Lee Welton