Quad Self Care Routine For Hikers

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Quad Self Care Routine For Hikers

In this quad self care routine for hikers, I’ll give you some quick ways to find relief for aching knees by targeting the quad muscles. Using items that you have handy, you can massage, stretch, and improve your comfort on the trail. Self care for your hard-working quads is critical! This mini quad self care routine for hikers is from my more comprehensive self care program.


Know your quad muscles

When you are hiking it’s often helpful to have a map, so you know where to go. The map can also outline the features and give you a good picture of the landscape. For this quad self care routine, I give you the same map with a quick tour of the quad muscle group. This will help you see the landscape of your upper leg a little differently and make the techniques more effective.

Simple yet effective

First up is the trekking pole, calf massage. Using your trekking pole you can easily apply sufficient pressure and work out the aches and pains in your quads. This reduces tension on the knee cap and helps the knee joint move a little more smoothly. Remember to work the right and left sides and glide at angles as you work this large muscle group.

Next up, we’ll use a ball to target the quads. This method is a little more aggressive since the surface area of the ball is smaller than the width of the trekking pole. Find your ideal pressure and work left to right as you bend and straighten your knee. Say goodbye to sore and achy knees!

Finally, using a smooth rock, our focus will shift to the “inside” quad muscle. The rock is perfect to workout the tightness in this quad that can lead to knee pain on the inside aspect of your knee. The video will walk you through the details for this awesome technique.

Strengthen & Stretch your quads

No quad self care routine would be complete without adding some strength exercises and stretches. Starting with the Samson Stretch, also known as the world greatest stretch, you can really get a wonderful quad stretch. In a half kneeling position, you’ll reach overhead and lean to one side. Repeat for the opposite side feel how great this stretch is!

For exercises, there are a TON of options and variations for these basic movements to try. Starting with lunges, step-ups, squats, deadlifts, and rear elevated split squats, you can’t go wrong. For a more effective workout to strengthen the knees, try slowing down the speed of the exercise. For example, during squats, spend 3-5 seconds going down and then come back up at a normal pace. This will greatly help build strength that will help you directly with hiking downhill.

Quad Self Care Routine For Hikers is super easy and really great at easing knee pain. Let me know what you think! You can also check out my larger Self Care Program For Hikers here.

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