Self Care For Hikers

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Self Care For Hikers

With injuries continuing to be the #1 reason hikers report abandoning their long distance hikes yearly, there’s room for improving self care. But self care is a pretty wide ranging term. So what exactly do I mean when I say self care for hikers? Just using simple but effective strategies that ANY hiker of any age can do to improve their health while on the trail. That’s it! Let’s go into a little more detail below and I’ll fill you in on my new Self Care Program For Hikers along the way.

Simple strategies using what’s handy

Like you, I try to make smart choices with my gear in regards to utility and weight. One thing that I throw in my pack without question is my Rawlogy cork ball. It’s light, covers a lot of self care ground for hikers and takes up minimal space. If that’s not your thing, you can use a trekking pole, smooth or rough stones/rocks, tree roots, your fingers, hands and even your shoe as a massage device.

In my new Self Care Program For Hikers, I teach you how to use all of these items and more to massage sore and tender muscles. Not only will this help the to feel better, it also helps bring in blood flow (healing) and may have analgesic (pain reducing) effect. Win, win! I also teach you where to massage with some easy anatomy so you know just where to target.

Stretches and Strengthening

Following up the self massage techniques with a feel good stretch just makes sense. Easy and trail friendly, these stretches will help leave you feeling refreshed and ready for more miles. These are targeted stretches to help find relief where you need it most.

Finally, I give you some exercises to help strengthen the areas and give you a leg up on reducing injury risk. Training is one of the most controllable factors you have when it comes to reducing injury risk. Build strength and coordination with the exercises chosen just for the needs of a hiker.

You can learn more about the program in this video and at this link.

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