Strengthen Your Shins With These Easy Exercises

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Strengthen Your Shins With These Easy Exercises

Strengthen your shins with these easy exercises to help reduce trip and falls and avoid shin splints. The big muscle on the front of the shin helps to pick up your foot when your walking. It also helps to slow down the speed of your foot down after the heel contacts the ground. If you strengthen your shins with these easy exercises, you can help reduce shin splints and trip on the trail less.

Toe raises to strengthen shins

One great exercise to strengthen the shin is with toe raises. Targeting specifically that big muscle that helps to pull the toes up and also control your foot back down to the ground. This exercise is simply going to be raising your toes up from a standing position. You’ll notice in the video that I make an effort to not lift my hips shift backward. You’ll see what that looks like here in a moment. For this one I’m doing 15 to 20 repetitions for three rounds.

Give heel walks a try!

Another great exercise to strengthen that shin muscles is with heel walks. This muscle is often the one that’s most irritated with shin splints so this exercise is going help you get a little bit stronger. For this movement you’re simply going shift the weight onto your heels picking the toes up. Now, you’re going walk down 20 feet turn around and come back. The tip here is making sure you keep your body nice and tall. Avoid shoving your hips back behind you as you’re doing the walk (see video). This is gonna be a good one to help you out for hiking season!

Strengthen shins up with this exercise

This exercise is similar to the standing toe raise exercise above. Only this time we’re going to have you elevate your feet on some sort of step, stack of books, or maybe a weight plate. What you’re going to do here is the same movement as before only with more range of motion. It’s a little bit more challenging than the standing position from the floor but a great progression. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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