Your #1 Training Question Answered!

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Here’s the latest video!

Wow! The response from the first video was incredible and I’m really excited to share this next video with you!

In this video, I address the top objections that hikers have for training before a hike:

  1. Hikers complete long distance hikes each year without training. Why should I train?
  2. Can’t I just get in shape on the trail?
  3. Is training for a hike really necessary?

These are all great questions and I outline why this type of thinking can derail your big hiking plans.

I also discuss some of my top tips for training if you are time crunched. There are a lot of easy ways to “sneak” in training throughout your day!

As promised, I am sharing with you my training hike mileage & elevation chart. Hikers ask me a lot how they should structure their training hikes. Here’s my simple and effective method for you!

Training Hike Mileage & Elevation Chart

I’ll have another video coming your way in a few days where I’ll give more details on how long a training program should be. There’s lots of valuable info coming your way soon!

To watch this video click here.

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